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Owners or occupants are responsible for the complete removal of snow and ice from all pathways and sidewalks, adjacent to the front and sides of their properties, within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. If the ice cannot be removed, apply gravel, salt or sand to help with its removal. Owners or occupants are also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from roofs of buildings, as it may cause a safety hazard. Some rental properties (apartments and condos) will include snow removal service as part of the services offered by your building. Occupants should consult with their landlord to see if this service is included as part of their rent.

Owners or occupants should shovel snow and ice on the curb between the sidewalk and the street so as not to disturb vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Snow and ice must not be shoveled onto sidewalks and roads. A local snow removal services can be hired to help rid your property of snow throughout the winter, but this service needs to be arranged well in advance of winter, as companies quickly book up.