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Canada is amongst the safest countries in the world and crime rates are generally low, however, it is always advisable to take precautions when travelling alone or at night. Individuals are encouraged to keep to well-light streets at night and to have your keys at-hand as you approach your car or home. If you feel as though you are being followed, walk quickly and confidently and enter the nearest open store or restaurant to scare off any suspicious persons. Note that the use of pepper spray and mace is illegal in Canada, as are personal firearms. However, you may carry a whistle or a personal alarm. If you feel threatened at any time, you should call 911.

The government of Canada will provide event security to any foreign mission, so long as an official request is made to the Office of Protocol. All requests can be submitted to the Security Liaison Unit, which has an e-mail address dedicated to such requests, [email protected].If you need police assistance after an event is underway at which no police presence was requested or as the result of an incident, foreign officials should contact the closest 24-hour RCMP Operational Communications Centre (OCC).