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Mailing and Shipping

Stamps can be purchased in post offices located either in Canada Post buildings or the franchises of Canada Post in convenience stores or pharmacies. To ensure efficient and uninterrupted mail delivery, use the following tips:

  • Use complete addresses, including postal codes. Postal codes are combination of letters and numbers. Providing a city or province name is not sufficient for successful mail delivery
  • For household mail delivery, walkways have to be kept free of obstacles and clear of ice and snow, dogs must be well restrained, and the mailbox or mail slot should be in good working condition without sharp edges
  • For a community mail box, postal box or apartment delivery, mail needs to be checked and picked up regularly
  • Ensure that all outgoing mail does not include any prohibited items, as this may lead to severe fines. For a list of banned items, see www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGnonmail-e.asp.