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Child Protection and Parental Responsibility


hild protection is taken very seriously in Canada. If a child is injured or hurt at home, emergency personnel will have a separate conversation with the child when they are examined, without parental presence, to verify the circumstances that led to the injury. Similarly, if a child accidentally calls 911, emergency personnel will come immediately and inquire into the circumstances about the call in separate conversations with both the child and parent.

It is important to know that consent is required from children older than 14 before tests results or diagnoses can be shared with parents.

To report suspected child maltreatment:


Call the Local Children’s Aid Society or police


Call 1-866-532-2822 or 1-800-263-2266 (French only) or after hours for emergencies call 811. For services in English on the island of Montreal, call (514) 935-6196.


1-800-387-KIDS (1-800-387-5437)

British Columbia

Call the Helpline for Children at 310-1234 or call police.