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(Source: Global Affairs Canada, Protocol Office, www.international.gc.ca)

If a child is born to a foreign representative in Canada, the mission or international organization is required to notify the Office of Protocol within 30 days of the child’s birth. They must provide the child’s name, along with a copy of the statement of live birth or other relevant documentation


mmediately after the birth, missions must submit a request for the accreditation of the child, as well as a copy of the long form birth certificate (certified). A birth certificate can be obtained by contacting provincial authorities. In some provinces, the application can be filled out online. While children born to foreign representatives in Canada receive a provincial birth certificate, they do not acquire Canadian citizenship by virtue of their birth and, thus, are not entitled to a Canadian passport. The birth certificate only serves to provide evidence of the circumstances of the child’s birth in Canada.

Provincial authorities responsible for issuing birth, marriage, civil union or death certificates:
Ontario: Service Ontario – www.ontario.ca (type the name of the certificate in the search box)
Québec: Directeur de l'état civil – www.etatcivil.gouv.qc.ca
Alberta: Service Alberta – www.servicealberta.ca (type the name of the certificate in the search box)
British Columbia: Vital Statistics Agency – www.vs.gov.bc.ca/