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The following documents are required to register a child in school:

  • Passport (for foreign citizens)
  • Birth certificate with official translation
  • Previous educational records with official translation
  • “Permit to Attend a School” obtained from Admissions Office (for Ontario)
  • Proof of home address of the parents (in Canada)
  • Certificate of eligibility (if registering with the English school board in Québec); this needs to be re-requested every June
  • Record of Immunization, unless there is a valid exemption (Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia)

To enroll a child in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, parents need to visit the Admission office at 133 Greenbank Road in Ottawa (613-596-8731) to obtain a “Permit to Attend a School” for their child. They then need to contact the Family Reception Center at 300 Rochester Street, Room 202 (613-239-2416), for a language level assessment of their child.

In Montréal, parents can visit the Commission scolaire de Montréal 3737, rue Sherbrooke E., Montréal (514 596-6000), or the English Montréal School Board, 6000, avenue Fielding, Montréal (514-483-7200).

To register a child with the Toronto District School Board, parents can either visit their local school or one of two registration centres. If they live west of Yonge Street, they can make an appointment at The West End ReceptionCentre, located near the Christie subway station, 777 Bloor Street West, (416-393-0542). If they live east of Yonge Street, they can make an appointment at Greenwood Reception Centre, located near the Greenwood subway station, 24 Mountjoy Avenue, (416-393-0750).

To register a child with the Calgary Board of Education, parents must visit the Admissions Office at the Kingsland Centre, located at 7430 – 5th Street S.W. Calgary (403-777-7373, extension 1, to book an appointment).

To attend an Edmonton Public School, aStudent Registration form must be completed and submitted, with all required documents, to the designated Edmonton Public or Catholic school or any of the Edmonton schools. To register a student in the Edmonton Public school system, parents should locate the school within their district and register directly with them. To find the nearest school, please consult: www.epsb.ca (/schools/findaschool/fast/). To register with the Edmonton Catholic school board, you must locate the closest school and register directly with them. Please see: https://schoolmap.ecsd.net/.

To register a child with the Vancouver School Board, parents are required to visit a District Registration and Placement Center (DRPC) with offices located in the east wing of Moberly Elementary, 1000 East 59th Avenue, Vancouver (604-713- 5999), email: [email protected] Please note that the DRPC does not accept appointments and registrations are done on a first come, first served basis.