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Downtown traffic in Ottawa is regulated by many one-way streets, and there are parking restrictions during rush hours. In the downtown area, parking permits in covered lots average $200 per month (www.impark.com)

Permits for residential street parking are available from the City of Ottawa for $61 per month and applicants must provide proof of residency in the requested area. Both street and lot parking are heavily monitored, and parking offenses can carry heavy fines, including:

  • Parking/interfering with snow/ice removal $105 ($85)*
  • Parking in a no-parking area $80 ($60)*
  • Stopping in a no-stopping area $120 ($100)*

* Figures in brackets represent the amount to be paid, if done voluntarily within 15 days of the infraction.

Parking in downtown Ottawa costs upwards of $3.00/hour. Pay-and-display machines control multiple spaces on a block. The spaces are not marked, but the pay and display zone is indicated by a sign and line at either end. Upon depositing either coins or inserting a credit card, a ticket is issued by the machine. The ticket should be placed face up on the car dashboard with the expiry time clearly visible. For more information on parking in Ottawa, consult: http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/transportation-and-parking/parking.