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In Ontario, a foreign representativewho wishes to obtain a driver’s licence should have their foreign mission send an official request to the Global Affairs CanadaProtocol Office stating the applicant’s ID number, position and designation at the mission.


he Protocol Office will issue a letter of authorization. Personnel residing on the Ontario side of the National Capital Region and in Toronto should submit a valid foreign driver’s licence—international driver’s licences are not accepted by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario—and an official translation on the embassy’s letterhead,if the driver’s licence is in a language other than English or French. The driver’s licence, translation, letter from Global Affairs Canada and ID issued in Canada should be presented in person to the nearest driving licence centre of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. In Ottawa, applications are processed at

City Hall,
110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa,
Tel. 613-580-2929.

The officer at the desk will help complete the application. Applicants will be asked to take an eye test. A temporary driver’s licence will be issued, followed by a permanent licence sent to the mission/home address two to six weeks later.