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Registering a vehicle with diplomatic plates in Calgary

Consular Corps licence plates are issued directly by the Government of Alberta and are available by appointment only. Appointments can be made at either the North or South District Motor Vehicle offices at:

The following documents are required to register a vehicle:

  • Acceptable identification
  • Proof of ownership (lease, bill of sale or U.S. title)
  • Proof of insurance coverage
  • Vehicle Import Form issued by the Canadian government, if importing a vehicle into Canada
  • An Out of Province Inspection form; a foreign representative may optionally apply for an out of province inspection exemption from Alberta Transportation at 780-427-7360, instead of getting the inspection
  • New Vehicle Information Statement from dealership, if the vehicle is new

This registration service is subject to standard licensing fees. However, the vehicle need only be registered once.

Insurance in Alberta

There is no government auto insurance plan in Alberta. Auto insurance is available through private insurance companies in the form of mandatory and optional coverage. All vehicles registered in Alberta are required to carry a minimum coverage for public liability and property damage. Accident benefits coverage is also mandatory. Physical damage coverage for one’s own vehicle is optional.

The following documents are required to purchase auto insurance in Alberta:

  • Prior auto insurance policy information, including insurance company name, policy number and date of expiry, and the name of the insured. Prior insurance information is not required to purchase auto insurance in Alberta. It is, however, in the customer’s best interest to have this information available, since it could mean substantial savings in auto insurance premiums.
  • A valid driver's licence number
  • Driver's abstracts for all drivers living in the household or anyone who will be listed as operators of the policy holder’s vehicle. A driver's abstract and letter of experience are not required for persons coming from abroad, as they are not recognized by insurance companies in Alberta on account ofdifferent driving laws and conditions in other countries.
  • Driver training certification, if newly licensed. A newly licensed driver is one with fewer than three years of driving experience.
  • Vehicle bill of sale
  • An Alberta vehicle inspection certificate, if vehicle was purchased outside Alberta. If the vehicle is purchased and registered in Alberta and is 12 years of age or older, an insurance company may require it to undergo a motor vehicle inspection before agreeing to provide physical damage coverage.