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(Source: Global Affairs Canada, Protocol Office, www.international.gc.ca)

In Canada, provincial authorities are responsible for a motor vehicle registration. Government agencies in Québec and British Columbia run public car insurance as well.


enerally, car insurance rates reflect a driver’s age, location and driving history in North America and other select countries. They also reflect whether the car is modified or a standard build, its type, make and age, as well as the distance it will be driven during the year. Many insurers offer discounts for multiple vehicles on the same policy, for seniors or for families that have multiple drivers. Most offer a discount for those who buy house insurance along with vehicle insurance. Customer loyalty discounts are common. When shopping for private car insurance it is useful to visit the following website: www.kanetix.ca

For insurance purposes, it is useful to have your previous automobile insurance company issue you a letter of recommendation as a good driver, which could mention that you have no previous accidents or driving record.

At the end of their assignments in Canada, foreign representatives must promptly return the motor vehicle licence plate(s) of their car(s) to the relevant provincial authorities.The same rules apply if a representative is no longer entitled to diplomatic, consular or official status.