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Ottawa and the National Capital Region

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the second largest city in the province of Ontario.

The official website is www.ottawa.ca. Ottawa is also part of a larger metropolitan area, known as the National Capital Region (NCR). The NCR includes the City of Ottawa, the City of Gatineau, which is located just across the Ottawa River in Québec, and several rural municipalities. The website for Gatineau is www.ville.gatineau.qc.ca.The NCR is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. Ottawa has a population of approximately 934,000, while that of the wider NCR is nearly 1.3 million (2016 Census).

The majority of people in the NCR speak English, although there is a significant Francophone population, particularly in the City of Gatineau. The federal government is the largest employer in the NCR, but the region also boasts a substantial technology industry. The region has a high standard of living and low unemployment, and its residents are among the most educated in Canada.