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Mrs. Andjelka Vidovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and has worked and studied in Iraq, the USA, and Russia, until settling with her young family and “two suitcases” in Montreal, Canada in 1996.

As the author and publisher of the guide, Canada for the Diplomatic Community, Mrs. Vidovic brings her multicultural and change management experience to the international community, having worked extensively with and in the Diplomatic Community of Ottawa, since 2008. She is fluent in various languages of the former Yugoslavia, speaks French, and understands Italian, and Russian. Together with her husband, she is the proud parent of two sons, Petar and Stefan, and daughter Katarina.

Prior to establishing Embassy Services, Mrs, Vidovic studied extensively to develop a distinctive multi-disciplinary skill set beginning at the prestigious Matematicka Gimnazija in Belgrade. Prior to immigrating to Canada, she completed PTT College, receiving a diploma of Electrical Engineer for Telecommunications. One week following her arrival to Canada in 1996, she started her studies at Concordia University and graduated with distinction in 1999 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information Systems while juggling life as a young mother with two children.

Professionally, Mrs. Vidovic has spent many years as a contract negotiator with companies such as Ericsson Canada, Bombardier, Mobtel, and her family owned business, Ostra. At the same time as developing her career in engineering and as a sourcing/ contracting specialist, Mrs. Vidovic pursued a parallel career path in adult education and training. She has been a guest lecturer at BK University in Belgrade, and prepared many in-house courses, and learning materials used in Canada, Serbia, and Sweden.

Recognizing her passion to reach out to multicultural communities, adult learners, and for intercultural exchange and international development, Mrs. Vidovic completed a Master’s program at Concordia University in Change Management in 2007. During her Master’s program she worked as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Human Systems Intervention. Since completing her graduate program Mrs. Vidovic has made Ottawa, Canada her home, and her base for operating Embassy Services.

Mrs. Vidovic has volunteered in many non-profit organizations, including International Languages Programs, and on Boards with the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Dawson Collage “Center pour les enfants”. She continues her volunteer contribution to the international community to this day and is the organizer and hostess of monthly events, where diplomats, foreign representatives, embassy staff, GAC and Parliament employees, media representatives have the opportunity to network in an informal setting.