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Getting a driver’s license in Québec

A foreign representative who wishes to obtain a driver’s licence in Québec should have their foreign mission send a request on official letterhead to Protocol Québec, which will issue a letter of authorization and provide information on how and where to obtain the licence.

Foreign representatives, their spouses and eligible children will be issued a Québec driver’s licence, without examination, once they prove they hold a valid driver’s licence from their country of origin or the country to which they were previously posted and pay the fees (including insurance) required by the Québec AutomobileInsurance Act. Related dues are required annually. Once the letter of authorization form is in hand, the next step is to contact the

Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ)
by telephone (514-954-7771) to make an appointment (www.saaq.gouv.qc.ca)

If the representative or their family members do not have a valid driver’s licence issued by their country of origin or by the country to which they were previously posted, the standard procedure for obtaining a driver’s licence in Québec must be followed. The SAAQ should be contacted by telephone to receive the list of documents to be submitted by a foreign national, and to make an appointment to open a registration file. Driving courses are compulsory for obtaining a new licence.