Calgary’s downtown core neighbourhoods, such as Eau Claire and Connaught, offer high- and low-rise apartments and condominiums. Neighbourhoods near downtown, such as Kensington Village and Garrison Woods, offer a mix of housing type.

The homes in the inner suburban neighbourhoods, such as Collingwood and Killarney, are mostly single-detached, while those in the outer suburbs, such as Palliser, are a mix of townhouses, and semi- and single-detached houses.

Average monthly housing costs are lowest in the downtown core neighbourhoods, such as Connaught, and increase with distance from downtown, cresting in the outer suburban neighbourhoods, such as Coventry Hills.

Homes in suburban neighbourhoods such as Collingwood, Southwood and Coventry Hills may offer more space and rooms than those in neighbourhoods that are closer to downtown. But living in the urban core may mean being closer to amenities, such as parks, shops and entertainment venues, as well as jobs and schools. Those living downtown also have access to the city’s expansive network of bicycle and walking paths, although the entire city is well-serviced by public transit.

Eau Claire is located north of downtown and south of the Bow River. It is an area of condominiums, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and urban parklands. It is also home to the city’s Festival District. Eau Claire Market Mall is the focal point of the neighbourhood. It has shops, galleries, a movie theatre and several restaurants.

Kensington Village is located immediately north of downtown and the Bow River. It is one of Calgary’s trendiest neighbourhoods with over 250 unique shops and restaurants and a distinct “Bohemian flair.” The streets are pedestrian-friendly, and the paths invite biking.

Downtown Calgary is not a single neighbourhood. It is a community of three neighbourhoods. These are the Downtown West End, the Downtown Commercial Core and the Downtown East Village. The community offers a wide range of public facilities and venues, including malls, restaurants, shopping areas, art houses, movie theatres, recreation areas, historic buildings and landmark skyscrapers.

The Beltline, located to the south of Calgary’s downtown, contains West Connaught, Connaught Centre, Victoria Crossing Centre and East Victoria Crossing. Its southern border is the famous 17th Avenue. Many of the city’s bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shops are concentrated on uptown 17th Avenue. Amongst the commercial area are residential areas, as well as public and private schools.

Garrison Woods is a friendly neighbourhood. It is home to many full-service grocery stores, pharmacies, spa facilities, supermarkets, shopping malls and cafés. It is a short drive from the University of Calgary and within walking distance of Mount Royal College.

Coventry Hills is a residential neighbourhood in north-east Calgary, in which there are several schools.

Killarney is a residential area south of 17th Avenue with many schools. It has a small regional shopping centre and many shops along 17th Avenue. The community has an area development plan in place.